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Signing a pdf file using javasign

An example is shown here.
To manage the pdf format the iText library is used.

Javasign tutorials and interesting articles related

A video on Javasign:
An interesting presentation on GNU/Linux and digital signature (in italian)

Free timestamping service

A free timestamping service has been created at address:
Thanks to this service javasign can freely timestamp documents

Copyzero + Javasign

Javasign is used to generate and sign copyzero licenses. For more information consult the site www.costozero.org

Javasign has been adopted by Crema Hospital

Javasign is used to manage signed p7m documents saved in clinical document repository.

Javasign is being tested by Trento Healthcare IT

Javasign has been taken into consideration as a possible alternative linux solution to Windows based common digital signature tools. Read the document (Italian)

Javasign provides identity management

Javasign manages the identity record. It has been tested with Italian Healthcare SISS smart cards and Infocamere smart cards.

Javasign has beeen integrated with iaik pkcs11 wrapper

Through iaik pkcs11 wrapper and the vendor kryptoki driver, javasign can virtually use any card. In particular it has been tested with Italian Infocamere smart cards.

What is javasign?

Javasign is software written in java that can produce a digital signature and a timestamp on a document,  using a smart card.

Related Projects

The reference projects are Jaccal, Iaik, and of course BouncyCastle